Give it the power over your orgasm. Tell him to grab the base of your penis with his fingers and play with it, sliding in and out. When she wants to stop just before orgasm, just ask her to squeeze that spot lightly. This will aim to stop ejaculation.

Today it has become very easy to be dominated by a dominating Sado-Maso woman. You just have to consult naughty classifieds sites to find chatting with a domineering woman and so why not organize a real meeting. These services put in contact with the mistresses who like to humiliate, punish, give orders with submissive men, slaves who only ask to be trained properly.

Some of these women have been practicing domination for many years and if you get in touch with them you will be sure to be in good hands. They will know how to share their experience with you and put you at ease even if the first time for you.

But before hoping to have sex with one of them, you will have to send them a private message with your “application”. You have to be convincing and explained why you will be a good submissive for her. Dominant women are demanding and they do not take just anyone during their domination session …

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