Bondage: sexual practice to tie up your slave

Bondage: sexual practice to tie up your slave

Before 50 Shades of Gray, hardly anyone had heard of bondage and BDSM. Now it’s starting to get mainstream. People are getting curious: what exactly is BDSM. Is it really as crazy and kinky as they say or is it a normal enrichment of your sex life? What is the essence of bondage and BDSM? Is it masochism and sadism: giving and receiving pain, or is there more to it?

Could it be that people really like to be tied up? Even for fun? Unprecedented pleasure? Let’s go check it out. To begin with, what does BDSM stand for. SM we all know Sado-Masochism. The actual term is not SM or even BDSM, but in fact, it is BDSM. Bondage, Discipline (someone’s training), Dominance & Submission (the unequal relationship between the submissive, the submissive, and the dominant, the dominant).

And finally sadism (pain) and masochism (enjoying pain – not to mention humiliation). The abbreviation for this is BDSM. Everything revolves around power relations. The reason it’s so exciting is that the power is exciting. This is the basis of the game in BDSL. This is where roles can even change, the Dominator can later become Submissive and vice versa. So that already indicates that it’s really a game.

Slavery: the ultimate surrender

There are few positions imaginable in which you feel more at the mercy of someone else than when you are tied up, totally subject to someone else’s whims. The punishments and orders to follow further reinforce this sense of surrender. Punishments can go so far that they can hurt. Anyone with some sexual experience knows how exciting pain can be for a woman, even if it’s just a smack on the buttocks. Pain and pleasure are close.

In the world of bondage and BDSM, it goes a step further. Nipple clamps, whips, gag balls, whatever you want. Black leather gives some people a kinky vibe, which should also help in the excitement. The blindfolded is also in the game. It creates a total surprise: you don’t know what is going to happen and when. Anticipation only creates even more tension and (sexual) arousal.

Different degrees of Bondage and BSDM

Bondage and BDSM can be done with leather suits, chains, and nipple clamps. But it can also be done with belts and ties. Pain is just one thing that helps some people, but the simple psychological stimulation of being tied up is enough for many people. The trick of bondage is that it helps couples let go of their responsibilities. It is a way of silencing the critical mind.

Another psychological advantage is that you can focus entirely on your own feelings and pleasure. And there are people for whom being tied up is experienced as exciting. For example, when the leather thongs with which they are attached go through erogenous zones.

Power versus love

What is exciting for the one who attaches is the feeling of power. The fact that the partner’s arousal can be well perceived – and controlled – is also very stimulating. The dominator can indulge in his role-playing games and his fantasies as he pleases. The intention here is for it to be done with compassion – and love.

Very often, getting attached leads to erotic games: getting aroused up to a certain limit, then stopping. Making the partner beg to continue, which only increases surrender and loss of control. Eventually, the tied partner’s sexual feelings reach a boiling point and this can lead to orgasm.

In terms of techniques and materials, there are all kinds of forms of bondage as well. We find Japanese slavery, which is called shibari. But iron chains, handcuffs, and leather thongs are also used. Even strait-jackets, corsets, and full suspensions, in which the tied person is hoisted, are common. Spectacular to watch and very exciting for some involved – what more could you ask for?

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