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Convincing his wife or his girlfriend to dominate

Convincing his wife or his girlfriend to dominate

Convincing his wife or his girlfriend to dominate during lovemaking and maybe even for life is a fantasy, a demand more and more present and admitted by men. To be dominated by your partner there are rules, and above all, there are a few things that can put her on her voice.

Do not try to be a submitter

The first thing is to forget once and for all to be a submitter. Do you know what this term means? In fact, it is the contraction between the subject word and the domineering word. The submitter wants to appear submissive while he keeps giving orders to his wife, his girlfriend. “Honey bite my nipplesĀ  ” for the example. I’ll let you imagine the rest.

To be dominated by his wife takes time

You also have to be smart. Not only can the change for the girl not happen overnight, unless it is a revelation for her, but in addition, it takes a little time for the submissive man to get used to these new constraints. . You don’t become domineering overnight as you don’t know your limits.

Being dominated in bed or in life is not the same

Sexual games that we do in a bed, or other place do not have the same rules as in the rest of life, it is even more true in the part of submission and domination. Forcing your partner or partner with handcuffs, ropes, bondage, shibari, it’s a sexual game.

To dominate a man, his man in life, is quite another thing.

The first thing one thinks of in a man’s domination is the chastity cage and yet it is far from the only one. If you want to know everything about the secrets of women who dominate men, I urge you to read the site You will learn to stay in your place, gentlemen.

To convince his girlfriend to dominate

You need little attention, little subterfuge if you want that will allow the domineering side of women to speak and appear. Above all, do not rush, do not want, do not demand.

So offer a pair of handcuffs. Will she think it’s for her, be tied up, or tie you up. Both can be.

Offer a naughty box with several plugs and dildos. Who said it was only for her pleasure in the penetration. Promote the idea that your buttocks are just waiting to discover the same thing.

Offer ropes, headbands, fags, and all the other naughty BDSM toys that you find interesting and above all ambiguous. These gifts must be interpreted as much for domination as for submission.

Forget about electrostimulation toys, chastity cages, urethra plugs. On the other hand, a balaclava, a wolf, pieces of latex, all of this can arouse curiosity and free the dark side of domination. The pegging ( strap-on dildo ) is a practice not to be forgotten either.

Sexual domination is different from domination

Dominating a submissive man for a few minutes or hours is great fun (let’s admit) but it is not domination in the strict sense.

This long-term domination can relate to contracts, money, schedule, dates, ejaculation, speech, outfits …

Start small and gradually you will be dominated by your wife unless she doesn’t want to. It can happen, it can happen to you. In this case, with its agreement, you can completely go through third-party services.

The services in question can be virtual domination, domination under the orders of a dominatrix who pleases the couple, or who has the confidence of the companion. This can also be done with tools like the site where domineers willingly teach men to submit to demanding ladies. All this must be done with the agreement of the couple. There is no point in hiding that this desire for submission in life is too stubborn to be repressed and especially not to do this in secret, like infidelity. The need for domination, for submission, has no relation to the desire to fuck a third person.

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