Learn Lesson about BDSM!

Learn Lesson about BDSM!

Lesson n ° 1: the slap on the buttock (a material required: one hand and one buttock). In a scene from David Lynch’s film Blue Velvet, Kyle MacLachlan, in full love, moved by the cries of Isabella Rossellini, worries: “Am I hurting you?” The femme fatale then answered him, in a hoarse breath: “If you want …”  It is, likewise, in the heat of the moment that your tendency to submit will be freed most easily. Your first lesson will therefore be to beg for a slap (or more) on your buttocks. during a hussar ride. Watchword: wait, because waiting plays a key role in the relationships that interest us … First, do not dare … Then play with the idea of ​​asking him, this spanking. Make the desire rise, at home as at home … Go there at last! He didn’t say anything, but he heard. The hand rises, it will fall … Experience the snap like a release! A delicious warmth unites the rosy buttock with the blushing hand… Did you like it?

Lesson 2: Urban obedience (required material: a thong and a barstool). Your newly won status as a sexual submissive doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom. Your soul and your body are at the disposal of your “master”. What he orders you, you must carry out. Rendezvous in a bar … You wear a short skirt, stockings, a thong. He asks you for your panties. Forbidden to disobey! When you come back from the sinks, hand it to him, rolled up in your hand. Now, perched on a barstool, cross and uncross your legs. The hem of the skirt goes up … Will anyone notice your little game? That smiling man over there? That girl giggling, not far away? So what? You feel proud to be his, everywhere, here and elsewhere, in any stairwell, in any parking lot,

Lesson n ° 3: The purchase of the whip (a material required: a credit card and plumb). Spanking is fine, but it’s always a bit the same. A sadomasochistic relationship, even soft, is always accompanied by an escalation in the order of pleasures … The whip attracts, by the symbolism it conveys and by its virile consonance. The easiest would be to order the instrument on a sex toys site. Instead, buy it yourself, at Go Sport or at Decathlon, it’s funnier. Snoop around in the horse-riding department, find the length of the sleeve that it will have in hand, the leather wick that will click properly… Face with delight the gaze of the saleswoman, that of the cashier. The whip, you will soon discover, has a definite advantage: the traces it leaves on the skin are erased in a few hours.

Lesson n ° 4: The sacred bonds of bondage (a material required: a bathrobe and a manual). Special relationships now bind you to your partner. The link is the word: hands tied behind the back or on the bedposts. Thanks to the immobilization, suddenly, the sensations are increased tenfold … With what to be tied? Rather than the raspy hemp rope, opt for a silk scarf. It doesn’t matter if you can actually pull yourself off easily, it’s the idea that matters. Note also that the bathrobe belts, if they are not very sexy, give complete satisfaction. Do you lack imagination? Acquire the pocket manual Dare… bondage(La Musardine, € 7), by a certain Ax Rotterdam. We learn some golden rules (never tighten the neck, groin, and armpits), we discover some inventive knots and extravagant positions, according to clear patterns without ever being vulgar.

Lesson n ° 5: Outing in an SM club (a material required: a leather corset and Synthol). From the start, you might have felt it dully: your submission would require an audience to fully flourish. Is it time, really, to move from illusion to action? For the first experience in a SM club, start by choosing your outfit. The dress code does not admit the lack of taste: leather, vinyl or latex compulsory, lace provided it is black, otherwise, you stay at the door. There are specialized clubs in Paris ( Cries and whispers ), as in Charente-Maritime ( L’Elyxir) or in Auvergne (L’Odalisque)! Inside, watch … from a little way. Because the problem with SM reports is that, failing to ramp up, you get bored. The intensity of the abuse suffered by the submissive can be disturbing: melted wax, strangling, whipping, etc. Uh … What if your next fantasy was to have sex in a flower dress in the straw?

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