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What is a domineering person in BDSM?

What is a domineering person in BDSM?

D in BDSM is the abbreviation for domination, which is the dominant role within BDSM. This role can be real but also played, it depends on the framework in which it is used. To indicate what it is, the word is written with a capital D. Which in turn comes from BDSM-Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM).

Other synonyms are also used: Sadist, executioner, master, domineering and “D” of which “D” is another shortening of the word dominant.

The dominator / The dominatrix

This is a person leading a submissive (or slave) in a (sexual) role-playing game, which is not always related to sexual acts. The game we play can also have a pure form. A dominator usually takes pleasure in dominating a submissive.

In the BDSM scene, however, there is a difference between being or wanting to be a Dominator! To be a true Dominator, however, it takes a little more than just being dominant. You only deserve the title when you have a sub-respect for yourself. Remember that both a Submissive and a Dominant have chosen to have a relationship with the other in any form. If you, as the Dominant, think that you automatically have authority, then you are completely wrong.

Anyone can play the role of a Dominator, but the question is, are you too?

The different forms of domination

There are many variations of a Dominator. You have the Domineering Father, for example, it’s a love affair with a submissive daughter where reward, punishment, and education are central.

The dominant is not always necessarily dominant, he can also be a “switch” in the game. People like to change roles according to their needs.

Above all, a dominator likes to be a “boss”. The submissive does whatever he says, often without a fight.

The sadist

If you like to hurt someone else in the BDSM scene then it’s called a sadist. In the first place, the word indicates that he likes to play with pain.

The asset

An asset is not necessarily dominant. The difference is that dominant control the game, an asset can also serve a dominant. When a dominant asks the passive to spank him, then the dominant is the submissive while he is undergoing the action.

The role of the action is to be the sex master during sadistic sex games like humiliation, slavery, and spanking. The opposite role is the role of the submissive, of subjugation.

The master

It can have different meanings, for some, it just means that you are dominant. For others, the keyword is a certain role you have in relation to another. For example, as a spouse, you are only master your “partner”. It can also be a title that you have to earn before you are considered a master.

The stop word

Remember that a domineering is just a human being who has absolutely no gift for reading a person’s body language and knowing everything about that person. A Dominant needs someone they can dominate, and that person should like to be dominated.

But also a submissive person has limits of course and does not want to undergo certain things. For this, both parties must communicate well what can and cannot be done.

This is why a stop word has been created to stop the game immediately if necessary. Sometimes the lines are crossed by an error in judgment and then the submissive person can stop everything by shouting that stop word.

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