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What is BDSM sex? Can humiliation be exciting?

What is BDSM sex? Can humiliation be exciting?

BDSM is a sexual practice that is based on a dominance-submission relationship. Among all the techniques and activities of BDSM, we find the beating, the restraint, the gagging, and the humiliation. This form of sexuality has become very popular in recent years, mainly thanks to books and films on the subject, such as “50 Shades of Gray”. Nonetheless, BDSM sex is still very controversial and is seen by many as strange, degenerate, or immoral.

The acronym BDSM comes from four English words: bondage, discipline, domination, and Submission, which in turn means bondage, discipline, sadomasochism. During such intercourse, a person is often forced to do different actions, but BDSM sex is not treated as rape.

People participating in a BDSM scene take on specific roles: the dominator and the submissive person. These roles are usually permanently assigned to their partners, although they can change with the consent of both parties (this is also called a switch). Role swaps often happen when people who didn’t know each other before deciding to have BDSM sex. Oftentimes, they also establish a script for the entire act, which they then strictly adhere to.

The basics of BDSM

Constraint – when a person has limited movement, the partner has a greater sense of power. Because of this, he feels more dominance and excitement.

Discipline – applies to a submissive person. Any breach of the rules imposed by the “master” may result in punishment, for example in the form of flogging or slapping.

Domination – dedicated to one person during BDSM sex. This person decides how the situation will develop and what will be done and what orders will be given by his partner.

Submission – characterizing the partner who has agreed to be humiliated. It is often corporal punishment inflicted for a movement or gesture. Orders are also given, such as pretending to be an animal.

Sadomasochism and BDSM sex

Sadomasochism has two origins: “Sado” and “masochism” and is directly related to the practices used in BDSM sex.

Sadism is when you feel physical pleasure while inflicting pain on another person. Masochism refers to people who experience sexual arousal when they have to submit to someone during close-ups when humiliated and sexually abused.

Sadomasochism can also mean harm to a partner as a result of the extreme play, such as suffocation or excessive whipping. It must be remembered that reckless games during BDSM sex can even lead to death! You should therefore be careful, especially when you are just starting out.

Where to meet BDSM enthusiasts and practitioners?

When you are new to BDSM, all these practices can be scary at first. What if I go too hard? What if it hurts? Am I normal? The easiest way is to get initiated by someone with experience, someone who has been practicing the art of BDSM for several weeks or even years.

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