After the premiere of the famous movie 50 Shades of Gray, there were definitely more lovers of sex with BDSM elements. What is surprising is that many men have started to fantasize about being dominated by a woman! Unfortunately, stereotypes run counter to their fantasies and expect a man to be a gentleman on one side and a sex demon on the other. He must try to give a woman multiple orgasms. However, research shows that men who like to dominate are more likely to follow BDSM mistress London fantasize about being dominated. Do not be afraid. Playing queen and slave can be pretty darn exciting. Let’s see some tips to get started.

Would you like to play the sex slave, but you don’t know how to tell your partner? Send him an SMS. Play this writing game first in order to make your mutual imagination work. Maybe he will like it.

If you resist telling her this frankly, the best way is to give her positive feedback when she takes control. For example, when making love in the Andromache position in the Kamasutra, say compliments to him like, “You turn me on terribly when you ride me.”

Our sex life is all about learning different ways to have fun and communication is the basis of everything. If one party expresses enthusiasm for some form of petting, the other party is happy to reproduce it. In partner-to-partner sex, we are excited to be both the recipient and the giver of pleasure.

Are texts like “Be my East London Mistress I will do anything to serve you” really effective for women?

It all depends on the context and how you express it. You have to show your fantasies in an attractive way. So that she understands that it is a question of broadening your common experience, that she will also discover London tantric new areas of pleasure. Because if she thinks it’s just about realizing your own eccentricities, the chances of achieving it are low.

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